Round One Award Selections

Beartooth Electric Cooperative for Shares du Soleil Community Solar Project

Bozeman Public Schools for 50 kW Solar Array on School Support Building

City of Red Lodge for Solarize Red Lodge Project


Overview of Funding Opportunity

This Request for Applications FY19 (RFA) seeks responses from Montana communities interested in organizing and developing community-scale solar projects. The Montana Energy Office (MEO) will review and rank the applications to select those most appropriate for funding under the criteria set out in this RFA. MEO anticipates that approximately $110,000 in Montana Solar Community Project (MSCP) project funds will be available for distribution between September 2018 and September 2019 to fund potential projects. The recommended range for MSCP funding requests is $5,000-$15,000 per project. A 40% cost share is encouraged and will be factored into project selection but is not required. MEO recognizes that project scale will vary depending upon a variety of factors such as community size, solar project capacity, project engineering requirements, or the amount of organizing or marketing needed within the community. All projects that meet the requirements will be considered, no matter the scale of the project.




For more information about how to apply for funding, download the Request for Applications document. For more information about the model contract that successful applicants will be expected to sign, download the Model Contract document. {Link to Model contract} For more information about using the Montana File Transfer Service, click here



Contact Information

To submit questions or get additional information, please contact Vicki Woodrow of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality,, 406-444-3101.



Questions & Answers


  • Q: Can project sponsor staff salaries be included as either a cost share or a project expense in the application?
    • A: Yes, the cost of the estimated staff hours allocated to the administration and execution of the proposed project can be used as either a voluntary project cost share or as a project expense that MCSP funding can be used to reimburse.

  • Q: What rate should be used to calculate volunteer value within my voluntary match?
    • A: The volunteer value rate to be used by the project sponsor in its application is up to the project sponsor’s discretion, but should be in accordance with the duties and work to be completed by the volunteer. To the greatest extent possible, rates should be set using the pay for comparable positions at the project member organization, alternatively, applicants can use online resources to estimate the value of volunteer services. In your application to MSCP, please provide notation on how the rates were set. So long as MSCP considers the volunteer value rates appropriate and reasonable, they will be factored into the project sponsor’s cost share as proposed. MSCP reserves the right to modify the value accorded to volunteer services if MSCP considers the proposed value rates unreasonable.

  • Q: Does a city or town project sponsor need official approval from the local government’s governing body (i.e., town council) in order to be eligible for a funding award from MSCP?
    • A: No, an official approval from the local government’s governing body is not necessary to be considered an eligible project sponsor. However, demonstrated government/community support, such as approval of local government funds or staff time to pursue a community-scale solar project, will be considered by the project application evaluation team when considering whether the proposed project has the resources and community support to be successful.




Submission Deadlines

Application Questions Deadline: 10/19/2018 3:00 PM MST
Application Submission Deadline: 11/9/2018 2:00 PM MST
Round Two Funding Selections will be determined by December 5, 2018



Additional Information

On June 28th 2018, Garrett Martin from the Montana Solar Community Project provided an overview of MSCP’s funding opportunity, how to apply, and how projects would be funded for selection. Watch the recording below to learn more about how you and your Montana community can apply for funding.